12Voltage Systems

There are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on the 12V heating system you want to purchase. There are several models of the 12V heaters in the market, all suited for specific purposes – and there are those with multi-purpose functions. Here are a few models you can check out while shopping for 12V heater systems.

The DC Thermal Heaters

They are quite compact in nature; are conveniently portable; and easy to set up and use. DC thermal heaters cool faster as well thus they don’t need to be connected to a water source. Given that they radiate heat within a small radius, they are perfect for use in a small room or to heat up a car.

The DC thermal heater easily connects to the car battery and immediately warms up the car. Their price range will depend with the maximum BTU they emit; an 8016BTU DC heater will go for about $220 while a 12.500BTU heater fetches about $250. As you window shop around, also check for factors like battery protection, built-in thermostats to regulate heat, and how compact the DC heater is to determine its portability.

Maradyne DC Heating System

In comparison, the Maradyne DC heating system is bigger and less portable. They are the kind of 12V heaters you install next to a window and will require connection to a water source for cooling purposes. Moreover, they can be multi-functional, serving both as heaters and coolers.

Just like the DC thermal heaters, Maradyne 12V heaters also vary in BTU value. The kind of home heater you choose will depend on how big the area to be warmed up is. There are Maradyne heating appliances with about 12,500BTU which will cover a smaller area compared to a similar heater with a BTU of 20,000. The higher the BTU, the pricier the heating appliance will be; if it includes other functions like coolers, this will also take the price up.

Selecting the Ideal Heater

Choosing between a DC and Maradyne heater will depend on your needs as a consumer. If you want to spend less on a heater that will cool a smaller area, the DC 12V heater is your best pick. A 12V DC heater will also be convenient for your car because you determine when to use the appliance; the heater can start defrosting the windshield immediately you switch on the engine or can be set to heat before driving the car. If you also want an appliance that can easily be stored away when not in use, the 12V DC heater is the right choice.

The Maradyne heater is limited in movement, thus will be ideal if you only want to heat a section of your house. This could be the living room or dining table where everyone gathers. In case you have an elderly family member who needs to stay warm in winter, you can keep the Maradyne heater fixed in their room to keep them warm all through.

The new line of 12V heating systems released in the market today are quite energy efficient and will help you save on electricity or battery power. Make sure to also check the wattage to know how much electricity the appliance is going to consume.